Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Our program is built upon real boot camp experience, knowledge, and know-how for individuals to achieve optimal results. That is why we offer training three days a week, so you do not get burned out in the process.

Training five or six days a week could help you achieve quicker results, but it is not sustainable as a lifestyle for most people. The same methods of training in the United States Military have been built into our workouts in order for you to get RapidFIRE results. Regardless of your fitness level, you can now have access to these methods through MDI8 Fitness.

The Great Outdoors

In California, MDI8 – Fitness Boot Camps train outdoors whenever possible.  We partner with local parks and recreation centers to meet and exercise together.  This gives our instructors, members, and their families the opportunity to break away from the daily routine and get fit outdoors.

Committed, Not Inspired.

If you can commit to eight-weeks (24 workouts), we will inspire you to achieve your desired results. Inspiration will get you started, commitment will get you through. Be Committed, Not Inspired!