Welcome to the evening sessions here at the 4S Ranch San Diego, Ca. location.  We currently offer three, one-hour training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.  You can sign up for 4-weeks, 6-weeks, or 8-weeks and start training immediately.

Our lead instructor for the evening classes is MDI Nichols.  To learn more about him, see his bio.


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Single Sign-Up for $180.00

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Fit with Friends for $144.00

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Single Sign-Up for $270.00

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Fit with Friends for $216.00

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Single Sign-Up for $360.00

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Fit with Friends for $288.00

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Upcoming 2013 Schedule

January 7th – March 1st (8-weeks available)
March 11th – May 3rd (8-weeks available)
May 13th – July 5th (8-weeks available)
July 15th – September 6th (8-weeks available)
September 16th – November 8th (8-weeks available)
November 18th – December 13th (4-weeks available)