Instructor Resources

Introduction to Outdoor Fitness ($88.00)

Get the first four modules of MDI 8’s Instructor Manual. For only $88.00, you will receive the information we feel is necessary for you to decide whether or not to become a fitness trainer.This minimal investment on your part will give you access to information that took MDI 8 many years to develop. The information includes; a functional fitness primer, how to qualify as a fitness instructor, teaching fundamentals, liability insurance issues, communication, class atmosphere, business ethics, location development, marketing, and much more.

Purchasing the Introduction to Outdoor Fitness does not obligate you to purchase the MDI 8 Instructor Manual.



MDI 8 Instructor Manual ($888.00)

The Instructor Manual is over 700 pages and includes:

  • Functional Fitness Primer
  • Qualifying as a Fitness Instructor
  • First Aid / CPR / AED Information
  • Fitness Trainer General Liability Insurance
  • Teaching Fundamentals
  • Creating and Conducting a Professional Environment
  • Running the Deck
  • Communication
  • Class Atmosphere
  • Business 101
  • Location Research and Development
  • Scouting and Securing a Park Location and Indoor Facility
  • Negotiating Location Agreements
  • Setting Up Your Fitness Boot Camp
  • Ordering Gear and Uniforms
  • Customer Database
  • Building Your Initial Pre-Marketing Client Base
  • Maintaining Your Business
  • Hiring Employees and Instructors
  • Understanding Marketing
  • Capturing Local Attention
  • Marketing through the Internet
  • Target Market
  • Building on the Brand
  • Client Intake
  • Getting to Know Your Clients
  • Serving Your Clients
  • Weather, Heat and Cold
  • Hydration
  • Description of Stretches
  • Description of Each Exercise
  • Workout Basics
  • Five Components of Physical Fitness
  • Goal for Clients – Metabolic Deficit
  • Leadership by Example
  • Workout Warm Up and Cool Down
  • Workouts in Detail
  • Variations to Exercises
  • Workout Schedule
  • Major Components of Nutrition
  • Implementation Checklist
  • Exercise Cards, and more