MDI 8 – Fitness Boot Camps

By: Michael W. Nichols

As the economy continues to sputter through one of the largest downturns since the Great Depression, people are looking to maximize their returns on money invested in various endeavors. When it comes to health and fitness, expenditures can range from a few hundred dollars for basic exercise gear to thousands of dollars to outfit a training location or gym. From the standpoint of both a trainer (instructor) and a client, Boot Camp fitness programs are ideal venues for providing and achieving high-level workouts at a fraction of the price.

Boot Camps and Members

Boot Camp fitness programs first gained popularity in the late 1990s. Over a decade later, Boot Camps remain a perfect destination for clients interested in achieving variable, total-body workouts without breaking the budget. While weightlifting strengthens muscles and aerobics provides a cardiovascular workout, Boot Camp fitness programs offer the best of both worlds. Students can strengthen muscles through exercises such as jumping jacks, body-builders (burpees), mountain climbers, push-ups, squats, lunges, leg-lifts and bicycle kicks, which will get the heart pumping in conjunction with cardiovascular training (cardio).

Boot Camp Instructors

Boot Camp Fitness instructors can obtain a tangible benefit as well, one that is oftentimes overlooked: the ability to facilitate large groups of people. This will help leverage your time and allow you to offer your service at a fraction of the cost, compared to one-on-one personal training.

Here at MDI 8 – Fitness Boot Camp, we now offer future instructors a business opportunity with minimal startup costs. We will assist instructors in getting certified, securing a location, purchasing required equipment & uniform items, getting their own webpage on our website, and equipping them with education and training. Our business modules are designed to help explode your business. Within a relatively short period of time, an instructor can establish a camp, build a client base, collect monthly fees, and recoup his or her initial investment, while being a business owner/operator.

Member or Instructor

Regardless if you’re looking to hire a personal trainer or to become one, Boot Camp fitness programs can be a one stop shop for both the client and instructor. For clients, instead of hiring a personal trainer for $50 per hour or more, you can join a Boot Camp and pay $15 or less per hour. For instructors, instead of spending eight hours a day training with one client at a time, you could train multiple clients and have a greater impact in your area.

MDI – Fitness Boot Camp has taking the time tested processes of military style training and now offer them to local communities. If you are interested in joining our program, please visit to learn more. If you’re interested in getting an MDI – Fitness Boot Camp in your area, contact us today so we can help get a location in your area operational.

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