Instructor Overview


The “MDI” in MDI8 stands for “Motivational Drill Instructor” for our instructors and “My Determination is Infinite” for members. The 8 is turned sideways representing an infinity logo, which stands for “always working out, always doing something to improve your everyday life.” It is a unique way of personalizing the program for both the instructors and for the members.

Our instructors are essential to the success of the members, but it is as equally important that members have to desire to be relentless to get to where they want to be as well. You see, when the pain kicks in, most people quit! Working out with us in a group setting, you will be encouraged by other members and instructors to stay in the fight against FAT. At the end of the day, aren’t you tired of the same ole same ole? It is time to let us put you through circuit interval training so you can get back to the best YOU…

What is an MDI?

MDI’s are leaders in the boot camp fitness industry.  Many boot camp programs yell and scream and often push members beyond their current capabilities.  Here at MDI8, our instructors participate in workouts, which allow them to properly gauge the impact and intensity of the exercises being performed.  This creates a fine balance between the instructors and members, thus creating a team atmosphere through leadership by example. The “yelling” you will here from us will be words of motivation like “don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do”, “failure is inevitable, progress is optional”, etc…basically, simple but powerful words remaindering you that you can do this!

Our instructors are:

Motivational – motivating you to be part of our team

Dependable – committed and consistent as an instructor

Inspirational – inspiring you through our fitness curriculum

Enthusiastic – passionate about you and others

Innovative – continuously making the workouts more effective and efficient

Genuine  – sincere and real about being an MDI both personally and professionally

Honest- instructors know themselves and seek self-improvement

Teachable – willing to learn from everyone

What can an MDI do for you?

Our Motivational Drill Instructors will lead, guide, and direct your transformation.  Ever time you show up to participate in the program, you will experience a different workout that will destroy fat and build lean muscle mass, which is exactly what the majority of members want.