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San Elijo Hills - Announcement 1In August of 2014, The City of San Marcos and MDI8 teamed up to launch the San Elijo Hills – Fitness Boot Camp in San Marcos CA. Here, we train weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8am – 9am with an eight-week training curriculum (24 different workouts) operating continuously throughout the year. Anyone can sign-up and begin training at anytime (open enrollment) so they can get started right away.

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Days and Times

Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 8am – 9am


We offer 4-Week (12 workouts), 6-Week (18 workouts), and 8-Week (24 workouts) sign-up packages for you to choose from, at $8.00 per workout. If you are new member signing up for the very first time, we would like to offer you an introductory rate for only $99 (approx $4.00 per session) for an 8-week session. Once your introductory package is complete and you want to continue training with us, each workout will be $8.00 from that point forward. Here is the list of packages we offer at this time:

4-Weeks (12 Workouts) = $96.00

6-Weeks (18 Workouts) = $144.00

8-Weeks (24 Workouts) = $192.00

8-Weeks (24 Workouts) = $99.00 (48% savings) for new members only



When: Monday-Wednesday-Friday

Time: 8:00am – 9:00am

Lead by: Melanie Wilkerson

Located at: San Elijo Hills Community Park located in the upper baseball/softball field directly off Schoolhouse Way


We have an eight- week body-weight resistant training curriculum (24 different workouts) that allows anyone at any fitness level to participate. This program is strategically designed to improve their cardiovascular system, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and impact there body composition. The goal is to motivate and inspire members to do things they normally would not be able to do while bringing the community together for the common cause, fitness.

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Yes. If you decide to sign up and join us after we have started a session, in the middle of a session, or towards the end of the current eight-week training sessions listed below, it’s no big deal.  New members can begin training at any time (open enrollment) so you can get started right away.  Your remaining sessions that you purchased can carry over to the next eight-week session once it is open for enrollment.

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It is okay. We have a software system with a smart phone app for the iPhone and Android that allows you to cancel the sessions you cannot make and use them later. Just cancel your session before the start of that scheduled session and you can use that workout later

CLICK HERE to go ahead and register for training today and make your payment online.

So get up and get active…we invite you to join us in experiencing what it’s like to be part of a community where fitness is fun and motivational, ultimately creating a healthy lifestyle.

CLICK HERE to go ahead and register for training today and make your payment online.




San Marcos CA

San Elijo Hills Community Park

1105 Elfin Forest Road

San Marcos CA 92078

***San Elijo Hills Community Park located in the upper baseball/softball field directly off Schoolhouse Way***

Morning Sessions

M – W – F

8am – 9am


9 thoughts on “San Elijo Hills – Fitness Boot Camp

  1. Hi, I have a friend Jennifer Green who just started your session can I join now too.

  2. Outdoor boot-camp classes help transform bodies in three or six weeks, using body-weight exercises and detailed nutritional advice

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Anyone can join at anytime. Regardless of your fitness level (beginner or advanced), our program will bring forth transformation and change! You want to change right? New member sign-ups are for only $99.00

    Committed, Not Inspired

  4. Can I try out a first class for free? If so, do I just show up?

  5. Hi Melanie – I will not be able to attend Wed (5/24) I didn’t realize I had an appointment already scheduled,
    and I cannot attend on Fridays due to another class.
    I will bring my $8 on Wednesday (6/2) I’m guessing
    there is not a class on 5/31. On an ongoing basis I can
    only attend two days a week – is that ok; shall I just pay $8 each time. I love your class and the people in
    it are great, friendly and encouraging. Thank you

  6. Hi Sherrill! It was great having you in class. Of course, you can come as many days out of the 3X / week that you’re available. You can purchase from either a 4, 6, or 8-week package and set your schedule to all 3 days, 1 day, or even 2 days a week as you mentioned that might be most suitable for you at the moment. The more times we see you the better we can help with results and being a part of your journey. Thank you for your kinds words, we are blessed to have such a great group and look forward to you being a part of it 🙂 J.U.I.C.E! OOHRAH!

  7. I’d like to try a class. Do you offer a first class free?….

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