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The San Diego Gas & Electric’s (Sempra Energy Utility) Wellness Program and MDI 8 have partnered together to bring onsite SDGE – Fitness Boot Camps to employees. Since 2011, SDGE & MDI 8 have been working together by providing fitness insight through presentations, safety stand-downs, and wellness events in order to empower employees to live better lives. Now, MDI 8 brings this exclusive training regiment right to SDGE employees.

MDI 8’s High Intensity Interval Training Program is strategically designed to help employees burn fat and build lean muscle mass through a methodical training process. Our instructors will provide employees the structure needed so they can finally meet their fitness goals.

If you are an SDGE employee and would like to start training, SIGN UP HERE.


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  1. I heard about MDI 8 at the North Coast safety stand down. I decided to join because I wanted to be healthier and keep up with my 2 active toddlers. I tried running on my own, but it gets lonely. After about 2.5 months, I feel more flexible, stronger, and able to run a lap without passing out. At work, I feel more energetic and motivated to do more linework. This is better than going to the gym, and since it’s at work and with a discount– it’ll be a lot cheaper than a personal trainer.

  2. Before I was in introduced to MDI8, I was already a member at a gym. When I asked the gym for assistance in getting in shape, he recommended me to sign up with a personal trainer. I found out that the cost to have a trainer there was significantly more (not including the gym membership). One day at a meeting at SDGE we were intruduce to MDI8 it was something that I was looking for.. where everything was taking care of don’t have to figure what next to work out becuase Micheal has a set Schedule of what next excerise are going to workout that day. After a month doing MDI8 I started to get stronger and Flexable. I am more excited to go becuase of the motivation of all the members that are there every session. I would recommend everyone to this awesome training. “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.” Live a healthy life. Oooh Rah

  3. Before I was in introduced to MDI8, I was already a member at a gym. When I asked the gym for assistance in getting in shape, he recommended me to sign up with a personal trainer. I found out that the cost to have a trainer there was significantly more (not including the gym membership). One day at a meeting at SDGE, we were intruduce to MDI 8. It was something that I was looking for where everything was taking care of. I did not have to figure what next to work out because MDI 8 has a set schedule what excerises we are going to workout that day. After the first month of doing MDI8, I started to get stronger and more flexible. I am more excited to go because of the motivation of all the members that are there every workout session. I would recommend everyone to do this awesome training program. “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.” Live a healthy life. Oooh Rah

  4. I am so thankful for MDI8. I was really scared to try this program being older I thought I wouldnt be able to do this program. I have not only been able to do this program I have lost inches and weight off my body. I feel so much stronger after I finish the program I go into work full of energy and ready to work. I have a gym membership that i havent used in years. Working with a group helps motivates me and I try to motivate my co-workers, we become a family helping each other to be the best we can be daily. I thank my instructor for pushing me and encouraging to be the best I can be for me.I am a wife, mother, and grandmother I take care of everyone else, this program helps me finally take care of me.
    Thank you,

  5. MDI8 has been awesome! Before I would be sore after working long hours, but now with MDI8 I have noticed that soreness and stiffness is gone. I have more energy and feel a lot healthier in general. I am really glad I’ve had this opportunity and look forward to continuing!

  6. MDI8 is great! The one hour workouts are intense to say the least. Michael at MDI8 keeps me motiviated to push as hard as I can and let my body do what it’s meant to do! I’ve had to take a little break due to family obligations that conflict with the workout schedule, but I can’t wait to get back in there come next session. I appreciate SDG&E supporting me and my fellow employees by offering MDI8 workout sessions on-campus!

  7. Prior to starting MDI8 I suffered from back pain daily due to a previous injury. Since working out, my back pain has subsided, my energy level has increased, my fitness has improved, overall I feel great!
    I’m grateful SDG&E has brought MDI8 to the yard and encourage anyone and everyone, if you’ve been thinking about it, think no more and sign up.

    I once heard a wise man say, ” a body in motion, stays in motion”.

  8. MDI8 has a higher intensity workout than what I would do on my own. I have been noticing positive results which has made it easier to preform the physical part of my job. I am looking forward to continuing the program and achieving my fitness goals.

  9. I always wanted to try something more physical than just lifting weights at the gym, and MDI8 has proven to be the ultimate high intensity workout I was seeking. The past few months training with my coworkers and Michael, there is a noticeable difference in my strength, endurance, and mental focus. You will not find a better motivator than Michael Nichols. Not only will he help your body become physically fit, he personally gets to know you and will give you advice on health related issues you may be having. I now look forward to getting up early on workout days to get my MDI8 fix! Thank you Michael!!!

  10. I joined the MDI8 program when it was 1st introduced to NCCO. I was very leery of getting involved as my fitness level is far below what it should be. I had become very sedintary over the years. Several friends warned me about the intensity of ‘boot camp’ & tried to discourage me from joining. After starting MDI8, my energy level and stamina have come back, not to mention, I have lost inches. And I feel overall great!! The workouts are for 1 intense hour, 3 x’s per week. Michael encourages you to build up yourself without unattainable demands. I am very thankful to MDI8 for getting me remotivated to take control of my fitness future. I would encourage anyone to become part of this fitness family.

  11. I have been with MDI8 since we started here at North Coast. I was a little concerned at the beginning that I might increase the back pain that I have dealt with for many years. I have to say that it’s been quite the opposite as my back pain is not near as frequent which has been such a blessing in my life. I’m able to do things now that I had been putting off due to worrying if my back would go out or not. Aside from the strenghtening aspect of the workouts, it’s been a great confidence builder too. Now I will say that getting up at 4:30 a.m. is not much fun but to know that there a bunch of my co-workers doing the same thing 3 days a week makes it that much easier. There is definitely power in numbers!
    Michael and John are incredible instructors who want nothing more than for us all to succeed in making our lives the best that it can be. Very encouraging and motivating yet they are also able to make the workouts enjoyable even though they are kicking our butts!
    If you are given the opportunity to get involved with MDI8 do not let it pass you by! You will be amazed by how much better you will feel.

  12. Well first off I have two managers to thank for the reason why I got involved with MDI 8, they were both talking about me during lunch one day and thought that I would be interested in this program. A couple of emails later and here I am, just about to finish my second 8 week program. And I have to say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.
    When I started this program I thought I was in pretty good shape, boy was I wrong! I did have an old injury in one of my legs and after a couple of weeks it flared-up on me and would stop me dead in my tracks anytime I would try to run on it. One day I just couldn’t stand the pain any longer and showed up in my street clothes at one of our workouts just to pay for the shirt that we ordered a couple of weeks prior. Mike approached me and said what’s wrong? As I explained to him about my injury, he then said, “Don’t let what you can’t do, stop you from what you can do”. Needless to say I completed the workout in my street clothes that day. Those were the best words anyone could say to motivate you. So with approx. 8-10 PT appointments and a compression sleeve on my lower leg and the encouragement with some suggestions from the instructors at MDI 8, I’m now running again.
    Mike Nichols is the reason I get up to go work out, in the cold, on the concrete 3 days a week instead of staying in bed. This program has made me watch what I eat, gives me more energy at work and most importantly, it helped me work through and overcome a long nagging injury of almost 9 yrs. now.
    Thank you MDI 8…

  13. I am 34 years old in fairly “good shape”, generally speaking, dealing with a few injuries for a handful of years, (meniscal tear in my knee, shoulder pain, and painful wrists after 20 pushups). I am a lineman and am very aware of the stresses that my job places on the body everyday (high potential for injury). I’ve known I need regular full body fitness to prevent injury by strengthening my body and gaining flexibility. Before MDI8 my last attempt at a fitness lifestyle was P90X. Great, full body workout routine with good results! Unfortunately I was unable to sustain it as a lifestyle because it is 6 days a week (1hr a day). Also, it lacks 2 huge components to fitness success… (Continuous Motivation and Accountability). MDI8 provides both of these components and more and I only have to put in 1/2 the time. Exercising on site with your co-workers and a certified trainer is amazing! It makes sustaining a “fitness lifestyle” attainable. After a few months with Mike, my injuries have faded to the background. I rarely remember the tare in my knee or my shoulder and I can do as many pushups as my muscles will allow me to with ZERO wrist pain. On top of all that… I notice a huge decrease in the stress I carry around, I feel amazingly energized and ready to work (even though I’m waking up before the sun), I have energy to spare when I get home, and I’ve built relationships with co-workers that I would have otherwise never had the opportunity to. Every person in MDI8 is a motivation to me and others, to keep showing up and fighting. No matter what your age, weight, fitness level, gender, office or field employee… Come On Out! You have no good excuse! And nothing to lose… except some weight, stress, bad attitude, aches and pains just to name a few. “Don’t let what you can’t do, stop you from what you can do”. OORAH!!!

  14. I started the MDI8 class from the take off here at North coast. I have always been into trying live a healthy lifestyle and work out regularly. I must say, I have never pushed myself as hard as I have in the MDI8 classes. Michael asks each of us to push ourselves as hard as we can without going outside our limitations. His dedication to our class and his commitment to ensuring each of us reaches our goals is something you cannot find in any gym, or with a personal trainer. I think we have a great class that participates in our morning classes and I hope we can continue to run this class at North coast.

  15. Since the take off of the MDI8 boot camp at North coast with Michael Nichols, I saw about 2-3 individuals in my work group who started doing the class regularly. After a few weeks, I noticed those employees who were working out talking to my entire group about getting out there and participating in the program. Those employees would say that by the end of the workout, they had so much energy, and were more alert and ready to take on the days work. From there I saw my group grow from the original 2-3, to 7-8, and those 7-8 employees are still going strong with the workout program and speak highly about the structure of how it is run, as well as the leadership and motivation Michael brings to the group each and every morning. My employees shared with the rest of the group, as well as myself the passion Michael brings with this workout program and how he strives for those who commit, to see the results that they want to achieve.

  16. “Don’t Let What You Can’t Do, Stop You From What You Can Do!” That is the slogan that Michael Nichols (MDI8) spoke 6 months at a North Coast safety stand down which Michael caught my attention. The workouts have helped increase my cardio endurance and to become more toned. The routines are always mixed up to work the upper, lower and mid section of the body.
    How do I feel now? After training with Michael for 6 months I’ve notice my fitness level has improved 100%. I have seen dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy level, strength and stamina. I have taken just under 2 minutes off my “Timed 1.5 mile run” from the first time we started. I don’t want to stop… I feel that I can still improve from the level I’m at now and I want to see how far I can go.
    Just one further positive example. After having two back surgeries with in 1-1/2 years of each other, I didn’t think I’d be playing competitive racquetball in this short amount of time. I entered the court and was blown away with the number of games played in a single session, the strength and energy I had to play 7 games to finishing without feeling exhausted.
    Michael, “Thank you” for all the things you have done to motivate and help me realize my true potential.

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