Youth Fitness Program


IMG_8138Our MDI8 Kids & Youth SPORTS Fitness Program was created so your athlete has access to a year round training program. From beginners to elite athletes, our SPORTS program is designed to push them to the point of failure so they can come back stronger. If you would like for your athlete to improve their SPEED, POWER, and OPTIMISM through RESISTANCE TRAINING, then MDI8 SPORTS can help accomplish that goal.


Training will be on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the 4S Ranch Sports Park (address listed below). SIGN UP HERE!

TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION (TLC): In order to train like a champion, we have to look at the definition of “champion”. A champion is someone who defeats or surpasses ALL rivals in a competition, especially in sports. Defeating or surpassing ALL can be a very difficult and challenging if your athlete is not training year round.

You see, during a sports season, athletes are trained by their team/coaches specifically for that program/position they are part of. During their off season, parents are looking for a program that is affordable and can help them maintain/progress as an athlete. Let us be that program for your athlete so the next time he/she steps out to compete, they are ready and stands out amongst the crowd. SIGN UP HERE!

LOCATION: The SPORTS program will be at the same time/location as our 4S Ranch adult fitness program. Oh, and while your athlete trains like a champion, feel free to join our adult fitness boot camp class.

PRICING: We offer 4-Week (12 workouts), 6-Week (18 workouts), and 8-Week (24 workouts) sign-up packages for you to choose from, at $8.00 per workout. If you are new member signing up for the very first time, we would like to offer you an introductory rate for only $99 (approx. $4.00 per session) for an 8-week session. Once your introductory package is complete and you want to continue training with us, each workout will be $8.00 from that point forward. Here is the list of packages we offer at this time:

  • 4-Weeks(12 Workouts) = $96.00
  • 6-Weeks(18 Workouts) = $144.00
  • 8-Weeks(24 Workouts) = $192.00
  • 8-Weeks(24 Workouts) = $99.00 (48% savings) for new members only!!!












Join us on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at the locations listed below by SIGNING UP HERE!


Location Schedule
San Diego, CA 4S Ranch Sports Park
16118 4S Ranch Parkway
San Diego, CA 92127

Evening Classes


5:30pm – 6:30pm